Throughout my work as an artist I have been drawn towards the feminine figure, as a subject both formally and conceptually. My practice has been heavily influenced by my background in drawing and painting and informed by my time spent studying the human figure, especially that of women. However, we cannot treat the body the same way as we would a still life made up of inanimate objects. During this pivotal socio-political moment in our country it is extremely important to examine what it means to be a woman. My work takes on a social commentary that has been emboldened by the many powerful women who have participated in the #Metoo movement and bound women together in an unprecedented way.

I make objects, some that represent myself and some that represent women who have inspired me. I see myself in these objects and it is my intention for other women to see themselves as well. I look at womanhood through multiple lenses. As an artist I examine the figure aesthetically, seeing the beauty of the form. As a woman I see the struggle and the strength that accompany the body I was born with.




3D Art

Drawing/ Painting


Jewelry Making